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Office 365 - Email Login

With Office 365 Email you can get your meetings, contact info, to-do list, and email on any device, so you can clean up your inbox or deal with urgent matters even when you’re not at your desk.


  • All official college email communications including email sent from within the Blackboard learning management system, are automatically sent to your college Office 365 email account.
  • Your email address is automatically generated within 2 hours after you are admitted (or re-admitted) to your college. You should receive information from your college (which may be via the email address you entered on your application, or a mailed letter) letting you know what your assigned student email is, or how to find it.
  • Don’t know your Office 365 email address? [Click here for instructions]


  • 100 GB (gigabyte) storage capacity
  • Access to calendar entries and contacts, as well as e-mail from mobile devices
  • Full-service web interface for accessing e-mail as well as compatibility with the industry-standard desktop e-mail program Microsoft Outlook
  • The ability to search e-mail for details and save favorite searches for reuse.
  • Share calendars with other Office 365 users and view multiple calendars side by side.


  How to Access Your Office 365 Email video