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Wireless Access

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities(CSCU) provides wireless connectivity at our facilities for you to access Internet accessible resources from your personal or business devices. We're providing access to students, faculty and staff as well as guests. This access is provided via these networks, ConnSCU, ConnSCU Guests and eduroam.

The following information provides details on utilizing the wireless networks:


This is an encrypted network for students, faculty and staff. It is the recommended wireless network for anyone with a ConnSCU NetID. You will need a wireless device which supports WPA2 in order to connect to this network, and you will have to configure a wireless connection (see details below for platform specific information) before you can connect. Once configured, most clients will be able to reconnect automatically rather than having to re-enter your credentials.

ConnSCU Guests

The ConnSCU Guests network offers short-term access for sponsored guests who have need for wireless connectivity while on campus, such as visiting parents, guest lecturers, vendors, and others. Note: If the guest is from a eduroam member institution, they can use the eduroam SSID to connect (see details in eduroam section).

This service is not intended for ConnSCU faculty, staff, and students. You will first need to request a guest account by contacting your local IT department.


eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, worldwide roaming wireless access service developed for, and used by, the international research and education community. It allows traveling CSCU students, faculty, and staff to securely connect to the Internet at any institution that is an eduroam member. This also means that visitors from another participating eduroam institution may log in to the eduroam network at our CSCU campus locations by using their institution's login credentials. Review the eduroam website for participating institutions.

CSCU Students, Faculty & Staff Connecting to eduroam at Another Institution

Because you will need to configure your laptop/mobile device the first time you use eduroam, we recommend setting this up before you travel and testing the service on a CSCU campus. Your device should then automatically connect to eduroam when visiting a participating institution

Follow these instructions to get your device configured for eduroam:

Note:  If you did not configure your device for eduroam while on a CSCU campus, you will need to get on a guest Internet connection in order to configure your device for eduroam.  Follow the previous instructions to get your device configured for eduroam.

Visitors Connecting to eduroam at our CSCU campuses

If your device was configured before leaving your home institution, it should automatically connect to eduroam with access at our CSCU campuses. If your device was not configured before you left or you have problems connecting to eduroam, please contact your home institution eduroam support staff for assistance.