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McAfee SiteAdvisor

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities Board of Regents (ConnSCU BOR) utilize McAfee SiteAdvisor to advise you of known risks when browsing the Internet. SiteAdvisor helps you safely surf and search the Internet by rating websites based on criteria such as downloads, spam, cookies, and comments from users. It has 3 simple safety ratings: Green, Yellow and Red.

As you view search results when using Google, MSN or Yahoo search tools, SiteAdvisor shows the site's rating next to each search result. This allows you the opportunity to not choose risky sites from your search results. SiteAdvisor also displays the safety rating as you visit sites by displaying the site's rating in the SiteAdvisor icon found in the title bar.

Because we can't always tell whether a site is safe or not, SiteAdvisor will help you surf and search the Internet safer because sites have already been tested for you.


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We have an FAQ to answer your most common questions related to SiteAdvisor.