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Anti-Spam Information

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities Board of Regents (ConnSCU BOR) utilize an anti-spam solution to assist in the management of unwanted email, also known as spam. Based on our email statistics, spam accounts for between eighty and ninety percent of all email that the we receive. Spam is not only a burden to users who have to manage increased volumes of unwanted email, but it is also a burden to Information Technology (IT) administrators who have to manage the storage and delivery of this unwanted email.

Update August 2016: We are in the process of moving our Anti-Spam protection from Proofpoint to Microsoft Office 365, therefore your mailbox may be protected by one or the other or both during the migration.

Office 365 Anti-Spam

Refer to the Office 365 Email Security page  for questions related to email security features in Office 365.

Proofpoint Anti-Spam

The implemented anti-spam solution provides a complete email security (anti-spam, anti-virus, etc.) on all email passing through the Internet Mail Gateway. This solution provides users with the ability to control their own safe and blocked lists, as well as having the ability to view and release messages from their quarantine.

  • Anti-Spam FAQ: Find out how the anti-spam software works and for answers to common questions.
  • Proofpoint End User Digest Help: Find help using Proofpoint's End User Digest. This is the same document you access directly from the Help link in an End User Digest.
  • Reports of Phishing Emails Received: Check out a list of recent phishing emails that leaked past our email filters to see if someone else already reported it. Did you receive a suspicious email asking for personal information or to click a link? This page includes information on what to do as well.