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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are some of the important questions that come up from time to time, that you may find helpful answers to...

Q: How do I log into the Protective Enclave?
A: For detailed instructions on how to access the Protective Enclave, check out the Logging into the Enclave page.

Q: I logged out and back in and it's only prompting me for username/password. Why?
A: There is a small window of time where you are not prompted for your multi-factor authentication after you have logged out. This window of time allows you to log back in and will only prompt you for your username/password.

Q: I'm trying to login to the Protective Enclave and I'm having problems authenticating. What do I do?
A: If you are having difficulties logging into the Protective Enclave, try logging into MFA first. You will be able to use a backup method to get in (either text/phone call or answering security questions) and then can change your MFA settings if needed. Once you are able to successfully login to the MFA site, then try to login to the Protective Enclave. Note that if you immediately log into the Protective Enclave site after successfully logging into the MFA site, there is a short window of time where you will only be prompted for username/password and not your MFA authentication.

Q: How do I make the Protective Enclave Window full screen, restore to a window or span dual monitors?
A: Steps are shown in the Navigating Around page.

Q: I want to add a backup phone number for MFA but there's only an entry for one phone number, not two. Why?
A: You will only have the option to add a second, backup phone number when the "Phone Call" method is used. If your selected method is either Text Message or Mobile App, then you are only prompted to enter one phone number. Follow the changing or adding a phone number steps in the MFA document.

Q: When is the MFA backup method used?
A: If you are using the phone call method and you do not answer the primary phone number or it goes to voice mail, then it will call the phone number you have defined as your backup phone number after it did not reach you on your primary phone number.

However, if you are attempting to login to the Protective Enclave using the text message method or mobile app method and you don't respond or incorrectly authenticate (enter wrong text passcode or PIN) it will give you the "Incorrect user name or password" error only. If you don't have access to your text message or mobile app, you will need to attempt to login to MFA in order to use a backup method. Once you incorrectly authenticate when logging into the MFA, it will then prompt you to choose to receive phone/text on either your primary or backup phone number or answer your security questions to proceed. Once logged into the MFA, you can make changes to your MFA settings.