The IT Support Center is the single point of contact for assistance (incidents, problems, questions, etc.) with any CSCU-provided IT service (e.g. Email, WAN, Internet, Blackboard, Banner, Client Security, websites, etc.) Use the resources here to find the status of IT resources, read important notices, view the phishing log, find links to FAQs, documentation, tutorials and our knowledge base.  If you still need assistance, open a ticket with the Service Desk.


On March 5, 2021, we will be shutting down the IT Service Desk email (  If you need any IT support, please go to the Services Portal:  You will no longer be able to contact IT support via email and instead use the Services Portal.  The Services Portal is where you contact IT support to make a request or a report a problem (Get Help), view all of your incidents, requests and search/display self-help articles in a library (Knowledge Base) that may provide the solution to your issue. To help you become familiar with the Services Portal, we encourage everyone to view the Training video.

Auto-forwarding to external addresses has been changed as of Friday, October 16th If you have a mailbox rule that forwards/redirects your CCC mail to an external address, you will receive "Undeliverable messages" until you disable or delete the rule. This change only affects rules that forward/redirect to external addresses. You will be able to manually forward messages to external addresses. For more information including screenshots and steps, please review our O365 Email Security FAQs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: New Authentication Service & Password Reset Method
In order to streamline authentication services, improve productivity and security, we've migrated to a new Authentication Service (Azure). With the new Azure authentication method comes enhanced password reset services using the Microsoft Password Reset Tool (that uses the security methods you configure) when you need to reset your NetID password. In order to use the new authentication method and reset your NetID password using the Microsoft password Reset Tool, you will need to setup the security verification methods that you want to use (i.e. phone, email, authenticator app, security questions). Refer to the O365 FAQ for information on what has changed when using the new authentication method for single sign-on.


Most recent alerts (posted within the past 15 days):
04/01/2021: Google has released Chrome browser 89.0.4389.114 for Windows, Mac and Linux. These releases include stability and performance improvements. The Google Chrome blog is available here. Chrome release information is available here.

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