Connecticut State Colleges & Universities
IT Support Center

Wireless Access

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities(CSCU) provides wireless connectivity at our facilities for you to access Internet accessible resources from your personal or business devices. We're providing access to students, faculty and staff as well as guests. This access is provided via two networks, ConnSCU and ConnSCU Guests.

The following information provides details on utilizing the wireless networks:


This is an encrypted network for students, faculty and staff. It is the recommended wireless network for anyone with a ConnSCU NetID. You will need a wireless device which supports WPA2 in order to connect to this network, and you will have to configure a wireless connection (see details below for platform specific information) before you can connect. Once configured, most clients will be able to reconnect automatically rather than having to re-enter your credentials. NOTE: At some institutions the old name for this network is still in place, which is "ConnSCU Internet".

ConnSCU Guests

The ConnSCU Guests network offers short-term access for sponsored guests who have need for wireless connectivity while on campus, such as visiting parents, guest lecturers, vendors, and others. This service is not intended for ConnSCU faculty, staff, and students. You will first need to request a guest account by contacting your local IT department.