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  •  What should I do/know as a first time Yammer user?
  • First, check out this Yammer tutorial that walks you through how to connect to our Yammer network and edit your settings, discov and join groups/conversations and set up mobile apps.

    Posting to Yammer for the first time? Remember to post to a Yammer group and not to the All Company group (which posts it so everyone in our network can see as well as sends a notification to all users:

  •  What is the difference between internal/external groups and private/public settings?
  • Internal/External - Determines if users from outside our organization can be added as members.

    When the Yammer group is first created, if it is INTERNAL - only System Office and CCC faculty/staff/students can be added as members or can join it. Users from outside our organization can only be added to EXTERNAL groups. NOTE: Once you create a Yammer group, you cannot change between internal/external, so know when you create it if you will want to add external members to the group. 

    private/public - Determines who can see your conversations and post to your group.

    By default, Yammer groups are public - which means ANYONE in the Yammer network (SO and CCC faculty/staff/students) can see conversations and post to it. If you only want certain people to see the content of your Yammer group and be able to post to it - make sure you change it to a private group. You can also choose to hide your Yammer group being published in the group directory:

    NOTE: You can change your group from private to public - but you cannot change it from public to private and make it unlisted in the directory. It will be listed if it was once public.

    Want to know if a group is internal/external and private/public? Check out the group's banner:

  •  How do I add O365 Group features to my Yammer group?
  • At this time, only Yammer groups that are internal and are listed in the directory can be O365 Group enabled. This Microsoft article shows you how you can tell if your group is O365 Group enabled or not. If your Yammer group is external, it currently does not support O365 Group features.

    Read this great article about O365 Groups and Yammer integration.

    If your internal Yammer group does not have O365 Group features (i.e. is not listed in the directory), you can change the group's directory setting so it is listed in the directory and it will enable O365 Group features. To do that, edit your group's settings by clicking the settings button in the upper right hand side:

     and change the "Who can view conversations and post messages" to enable listing in the directory:

  •  Can I use email to post to my Yammer group?
  • Yes but we don't recommend it.  The formatting is different than posting directly to the Yammer group through the browser or a mobile app. If you are interested, you can find the email address of your Yammer group in the lower right hand side under Access Options:

  •  What is my Yammer group's direct URL?
  • Your Yammer group's URL is:<name of group without spaces>, so if your group is: "Cool Group" then the URL is: