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June 5, 2017:  On July 1, 2017, the WebEx domain will be decommissioned. Community College and System Office WebEx users will use the URL Each of the CSUs and Charter Oak will have their own unique WebEx domains:;;;;

These instructions are the legacy instructions for setting up/hosting WebEx and will only be available until July 1st, 2017 when will be decommissioned. The new instructions are available from the IT Support Center.

The following information is used by ConnSCU faculty and staff when hosting a ConnSCU WebEx meeting. The person hosting the meeting is the one who schedules the meeting and who is automatically identified as both the meeting Host and Presenter once they either start or join the meeting. Meeting attendees may or may not be able to join the meeting until the person hosting the meeting has joined the meeting - this is dependent upon the meeting settings.

If you are not hosting the meeting and are just attending a meeting, refer to the information on the Attending a Meeting page.

Getting Started

  1. Create a WebEx Hosting Account
    Any ConnSCU faculty or staff member can host ConnSCU WebEx meetings. If you don't already have a ConnSCU WebEx Host account, you will need to first request an account by clicking Request Host Account from the left menu on the ConnSCU WebEx site.

     Step-by-Step instructions: Request your WebEx Host Account

    Fill in the Sign Up form. When prompted for your email address, make sure to use your ConnSCU email address and not a personal email address. Click "Sign Up Now" and then check your inbox for an email from WebEx that includes a link so you can confirm your email. You will then receive an email with login instructions and will need to login and change your password.

    •  The account is established for your use only, and may not be shared with other individuals at your college. Only you may convene WebEx meetings, and it will be a violation of our contract to share your password or account with others.
    •  You can schedule an unrestricted number of WebEx sessions. You can have as many meetings as you require but you cannot host concurrent meetings--each WebEx host account can only run one meeting at a time.
  2. Verify browser plug-in
    Test your browser by joining this test meeting being sure to use the same workstation and browser you are planning to use to host meetings. You should test your browser prior to meetings to be sure you will not have problems if updates occurred that may have changed your browser configuration.

    You may be prompted to download/install the Meeting Center plug-in that is used to attend the meeting if it is not already installed. If you are using a work computer, you may not have the administrative privileges to install the plug-in and will have to contact your local IT to have the WebEx meeting center plug-in installed.  If you have difficulty joining a meeting with one browser, try using a different browser as often one will work better than another depending on local browser settings (i.e. Firefox, IE, Chrome).

  3. What you need to know to host a meeting
    Learn how to schedule and host WebEx meetings and use the various tools and options. We offer both short YouTube videos and Getting Started Guides (Adobe PDF) that will walk you through the basics of scheduling and hosting meetings:

     Watch short videos in the "Using WebEx for Online Meetings" playlist

    We also have the following "Getting Started Guides" (Adobe PDF):

     Request a WebEx Host Account
     Scheduling WebEx Meetings
     How to Host a WebEx Meeting
     Recording a WebEx Meeting
  4. Communicate meeting information with attendees
    The "How to Host a WebEx Meeting" video and the "Getting Started Guide" in the above step will explain in more detail what you need to communicate to your meeting participants. To help your participants, direct them to the Attending a Meeting page.
  5. Make it easier to schedule meetings: Install WebEx Productivity Tools
    WebEx Productivity Tools is used only by those who create meetings (i.e. host a meeting) - not those attending meetings and it is not required to be used at all. Having it installed, makes it easier to create a meeting allowing you to create WebEx meetings directly from your Outlook calendar (and other Microsoft products). If you don't have the WebEx productivity tools installed, you would create meetings from the ConnSCU WebEx webpage. The WebEx Productivity Tools install also includes the WebEx One-Click Meeting application that can also be used to create meetings.

    Contact your local IT department using the Contact Us link above to install the WebEx Productivity Tools on your workstation.
  6. Additional Training
    If you feel you need additional training, visit the Faculty and Staff Training Calendar. In the left menu, set the category to "Web Conferencing Tools" and click "Submit" to find WebEx training sessions (webinars and on-ground labs are available).


  •  Help! I've forgotten my WebEx account password!
  • After 5 attempts to login to your WebEx account, your account will be locked for 15 minutes even though the message you see makes it sound like you need to contact an administrator to unlock your account. Just wait 15 minutes and try again. Make sure you are using your ConnSCU WebEx Host account username (i.e. it is not an email) and password. If you opt to reset your password using the Forgot your password link, you may only reset it once in any 24-hour period.

  •  I get an error when I try to reset my password.
  • If you try to reset your password and you receive an error that says your account is deactivated, it may be because you signed up to create an account, yet never confirmed your account. Refer to the Contact Us link above for support to reset your ConnSCU WebEx host account.

    If you try to reset your password and it reports "No Account Exists", then you try to create an account and it says "Account Already Exists", it means your account is inactive and you need to open a ticket with BOR Service Desk to request to have your ConnSCU WebEx account activated by a WebEx Admin.

  •  Who do I contact if I have problems??
  • Refer to the Contact Us link above for support.

    If it is after hours and you are in need of support for WebEx, you can contact WebEx support directly by visiting the ConnSCU WebEx site and in the left menu, under Support, click "Contact Us". You will be able to open a support ticket directly with WebEx Support or you can call them directly using the supplied toll-free number.

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