The IT Support Center is the single point of contact for assistance (incidents, problems, questions, etc.) with any BOR-provided IT service (e.g. Email, WAN, Internet, Blackboard, Banner, Client Security, websites, etc.) Use the resources here to find the status of IT resources, read important notices, find links to FAQs, documentation, tutorials and our knowledge base.  If you still need assistance, open a ticket with the BOR Service Desk.




Most recent alerts (posted within the past 15 days):
10/17/2014: Apple has released security patches for OSX (10.8.6 and 10.9.6),iTunes 12.0.1 (12.0.1) and a new release for OS X Yosemite (version 10.10). Apple Security Updates will be available here. These updates can be applied through Apple updates or Apple downloads.

10/14/2014: Adobe has released new security updates for Flash Player. The new Flash version is This update will also be reflected for the browsers with built in flash players like Chrome and Internet Explorer 10/11. The link to the security blogs bulletin is available here.

10/14/2014: Mozilla has announced a new release for Firefox ESR version 31.2. FireFox ESR 31 may not be compatible with all plug-ins & web sites and should be tested before deploying. The security info is available here: ESR Security Advisories. Downloads are available here: Firefox ESR. There is also a new personal version of Firefox 33.0. The next version of FireFox ESR 31 has been released:

10/14/2014: Oracle has announced the pre-release announcement for the quarterly security patch. This is scheduled to be released on 10/14/2014. This will include patches for many products including Java, Databases and Solaris. Release notice: 2014-Q4.

10/14/2014: Microsoft has released this month's security bulletin. There are eight updates that affect server and client components. Three of these are rated critical. Sans info is available here. The official Microsoft notification is available here.

10/10/2014: Microsoft has announced this month's advanced notice security bulletin. There are nine updates that affect server, client and office components. Three of these are rated critical. The official Microsoft notification is available here.

10/8/2014: Google has released a new stable release version of Chrome 38.0.2125.101 . There are many(159) security fixes in this release. Chrome release info is available here.

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Whenever the BOR IT Support Center is contacted via email or phone, a ticket will be created in the BOR Service Desk. The BOR Service Desk is the application (powered by BMC FootPrints) that will record and track all service incidents and requests.  Upon the creation of a ticket, an email will be sent out to the individual requesting support with the details of the opened ticket.

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