The IT Support Center is the single point of contact for assistance (incidents, problems, questions, etc.) with any CSCU-provided IT service (e.g. Email, WAN, Internet, Blackboard, Banner, Client Security, websites, etc.) Use the resources here to find the status of IT resources, read important notices, view the phishing log, find links to FAQs, documentation, tutorials and our knowledge base.  If you still need assistance, open a ticket with the Service Desk.


Most recent alerts (posted within the past 15 days):
2/12/2019: Mozilla has announced a new release for Firefox ESR version 60.5.1. The security info is available here: ESR Security Advisories. Downloads are available here: Firefox ESR. There is also a new personal version of Firefox 65.0.1.

2/12/2019: Microsoft has released this month's security bulletin. There are many updates that affect server and client components. Sans info is available here. The official Microsoft notification is available here.

2/12/2019: Adobe has released new security updates for Flash Player. The new Flash version is This update will also be reflected for the browsers with built in flash players like Chrome and Internet Explorer 10/11.

2/12/2019: Adobe has released new security updates for Reader/Acrobat. The new version is 2019.010.20091. Security notices for all Adobe products are available here.

2/8/2019: Apple has released new security patches for Mac OS, iOS. All Apple Security Updates will be available here. This update can be applied through Apple updates or Apple downloads.

2/6/2019: Google has released a new stable release version of the Chrome browser 72.0.3626.96. There are a number of security fixes in this release. Chrome release info is available here.

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